"I just needed to be heard"

                                  Adoptee, Lexington, KY


Helping everyone touched by adoption
understand, heal and connect.

Adoption is one of the most profound, loving and impactful experiences a person can ever take part. The decision to place a child for adoption, the decision to adopt and the decision for an adoptee to embrace their story are all deep, personal and often heart wrenching.

Adoption is a blessing and a joy; an incredibly loving act. It is also filled with sadness, confusion and hurt. Understanding and embracing the full impact of adoption will lessen the sadness, clarify the confusion and begin to heal the hurt.

With that, the full blessing and joy can be experienced.



Few realize the incredible depth and emotional impact adoption has on everyone involved. 



Adoptive Family

   Birth Family   

questions, identity, abandonment, rejection,
 loyalty, health, grief...


hope, love, dedication, fear of loss, mistakes, integration in family and culture, support, anxiety...

guilt, remorse, hope, grief, healing, shame, pride, loss...      


The feelings and emotions related to adoption are endless.
They are all very real and need to be dealt with.


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