The powerful work Karl is sharing will do more than change lives;
it will profoundly change society's perception and understanding of adoption.
Understanding the Impact of Adoption

An infant or child being taken away from their biological mother clearly fits both trauma criteria. When a child is separated from their biological mother, their only known source of safety and comfort  their nervous system does not understand that “it is…”



The core of all attachment is the same for everyone. In order for anyone to attach; child and parent, siblings, friends, romantic partners, there are 3 core components that the person we are attaching to must embody.

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Everyone has a role in loving the adopted child and helping them overcome the inherent challenges of being adopted.
What are the differences between typical behavior and adoption related behavior?


How do you attach to an adopted child?


What is adoptive behavior?


How do we help our biological children adapt to their adopted sibling?




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“The correct approach can make all the difference in the progress of your clients.”


Mental Health and Social Workers are on the front lines of working with and helping people who are impacted by adoption. This includes anyone dealing with a genetic break in attachment such as children in the foster system or raised by relative caregivers, Kinship Adoption.


It is Karl’s mission to equip and train those workers, to equip you, with…

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