Genetic Separation

Genetic Separation and Donor Conception

Genetic Separation occurs anytime a person is separated from their biological parents, siblings or family. The most profound is when a child is removed from their biological mother. This separation is the actual point of disruption that is referred to as the adoption trauma. It is this genetic separation, not the adoption that is the trauma. 

Studies have shown that our DNA carries genetic memory, this includes character traits, mannerisms, medical preconditions and much more. Holding a link to heritage, history and identity. When that link is broken through genetic separation the child will often have difficulty forming a clear identity, be challenged by insecurity and low self-esteem. These issues then impact education, relationships and careers. 

It is vital for a child to know their genetic history, cultural identity and have full access to all the information they personally need to resolve the trauma of genetic separation and form a solid personal history, heritage and identity. The Indian Child Welfare Act of 1978, clearly identifies the value of this awareness and history. It is a value that needs to be equally protected to all children who are genetically separated for  any reason. 

The impact of genetic separation and the value of having access to and knowledge of genetic history is not limited to adoptees and foster children. It is also equally as impactful for donor conceived children. The donor conception may be sperm donor, egg donor, surrogacy or any combination. 

Donor conceived children often struggle with the same challenges of self-esteem, identity, worth and history as adopted (genetically separated) children. 

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