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Karl Stenske shares a rich and compelling story as an adoptee. Being one of the many who had a great adopted family and never thought being adopted had much of an impact on his life, at 37, Karl began to unravel the true influence adoption had on him and the lives of those who loved, and tried to love him.

A sought after speaker and educator, Karl offers insights into the wounds created when any child is separated from his birth mother. In his soon to be released book, The Hidden Life of an Adopted Child: Understanding the Impact of Adoption, Karl explores the traumatic experience suffered by that separation and its influence on self-esteem, value, worth and identity.

Karl was awarded his Individualized Master of Arts degree focusing on Adoption Studies and continues his work to identify the impact adoption has on all members of the triad and beyond. The diversity of Karl's experience in private practice, his current tenure as Director of Foster, Adoption and Kinship for Olive Crest, a foster family agency, and his education give him a deep and thorough insight and knowledge of adoption, attachment and trauma.

Karl’s work is marked by an ability to share powerful personal and academic information through the lens of his own adoption. His work is deeply personal and moving; layered with information, understanding and hope.

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