Karl is a sought after international speaker, educator and motivator. His ability to relate to an audience through the imagery of his own story is powerful and transforming. Hearing him speak is an unforgettable experience that will touch and inspire. Karl has spoken to thousands of people from all walks of life focusing on the common themes we all can relate to and use to be transformed.

Though Karl is a Post-Adoption Specialist he is often requested by community groups, corporations, non-profit groups, universities and churches to share his insight and story. His depth of knowledge in such areas as Adoption, Attachment, Trauma, Connection, Vulnerability and Purpose presents for a unique and life changing experience when hearing him speak. Often referred to as a Spiritual Motivational Speaker, Karl breaks the traditional expectations of keynote speakers and motivational speakers to touch hearts and change lives.

His depth of knowledge in such areas as Adoption, Attachment, Trauma, Connection, Vulnerability and Purpose presents for a unique and powerful event. No matter what topic; hearing Karl is an experience you will never forget and will leave you changed.


"So many speakers have an heir of confidence in their ideas that they put a wall between his listeners and himself. You are one of the few speakers I have ever felt was on the same side of the wall with his audience. It felt like we were all searching for answers together. Your arm was around the attendees' shoulders in the way you delivered your message, and your humility was unexpected for anyone who leads in a crowd. So many people try to do what you did and say, "Follow me," but instead, you were saying, "Walk with me." A small difference, for sure, but all the difference in the world."    - Michael B. T.

"Karl,  you are called to be speak. You always inspire me! Your speech has left me with the question, what has God called me to do? Wow, I'm so excited to find out."    - Rachael B.

"Your talk was amazing!!! I am speechless and left with tears and a strong desire to find God's path for me. Thank you so much for being vulnerable and sharing about yourself. I am moved beyond words and extremely inspired. I feel very privileged to have heard your talk tonight."  - Katelyn O.


"Karl, what a connection I can make with everything you say...you are an inspirational speaker. When I hear you speak it makes me feel alive, with purpose, not alone......what a talent [you have] to connect to me like that and help me to remember some of the most important things I seem to have forgotten..."    - Suzanne R.



Recent Speaking Egagements



Orange County - California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists

3000 Club

CASA - Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children

Mariners Church

American Adoption Congress

South San Diego CAPS- Christian Association for Psychological Studies- Bethel University

That Church

Family Counseling Services

My Therapist Sez- Skyline Church



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