The correct approach can make all the difference in the progress of your clients.

Mental Health and Social Workers are on the front lines of working with and helping people who are impacted by adoption. This includes anyone dealing with a genetic break in attachment such as children in the foster system or raised by relative caregivers, Kinship Adoption.

It is Karl's mission to equip and train those workers, to equip you, with the knowledge and empathy needed to create lasting change in the lives of your clients.

Through the AdoptEd. Certification, customized trainings, WorkshopsCase Consultations and Mentor Program you will have all the tools you need to understand the secret language of your clients. Your impact on your clients will change their relationships, self-esteem, identity, purpose and, most importantly, their ability to attach.


Adoption Attachment and Biological Attachment are different. They each have different foundations and markers. Understanding the differences is vital to healing broken attachment and forming the initial bonds that eventually grow into attachment.


The correct approach can make all the difference in the progress of your clients.


Working with Karl for one-on-one Case Consultation and  Mentorship combined with the AdoptEd. Certification will provide support, education, depth and additional insight into your work.

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