AdoptEd. Certification

       An intensive Adoption Certification Program - Change how you do Therapy

Adoption Education for Mental Health Professionals



The AdoptEd. curriculum is designed to give you an intimate and layered understanding of the impact of adoption from an academic, therapeutic and personal level. This program uses the lens of the adoptee to tell the story of everyone, direct and indirect, who are impacted by adoption. Including the adoptee, birth mother, birth father, extended birth family and friends, adoptive mother, adoptive father, adopted and biological siblings, extended adoptive family, doctors, social workers, nurses, pastors, teachers, classmates, lovers, spouses, children of adoptees... and so many more.


As a mental health professional you will have a deeper understanding of the effects of adoption on your clients and how to work effectively work with them in your practice. Hand in hand with being educated in adoption you will receive an intensive education in attachment, attachment in adoption (yes, it is different), bonding, trauma and trauma response.


Coursework Includes


• Intercultural Adoption                                      • Bio and Adoptive Families

• Adoptees in Romance                                        • Birth Parents and Romance

• Trauma Response                                               • Genetic Separation

• Adoption Fantasy                                                • Reunions

• Adoptive Parent Guilt                                         • Reasons for adoption

• Adoption History                                                 • Somatic Markers

• Working with Adoptees                                     • Working with Biological Families

• Working with Adoptive Families                     • Open-Adoption

• Societal Beliefs and Impact                               • Birthright

• Heritage                                                                 • Identity and Self- Esteem

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