Case Consultation

Karl is available for Consultation-

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- Joint Session                      

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- Mentor Program

Inviting Karl into a session with you and your clients is often the most effective and impactful way to build a foundational understanding of adoption, attachment and trauma with your clients; as well as break through plateaus in recovery.


 Case Consultation is one of the most impactful methods of understanding your clients and broadening your knowledge at the same time. 

Having the opportunity to get feedback specific to your client's challenges and needs deepens your client's sense of feeling seen, heard and understood; creates stronger safety with you in the therapeutic environment and increases the speed of their recovery. 

Consultations can include bringing Karl into a session with your client, sending your client to a private consultation with Karl creating the adoption/attachment/trauma foundational knowledge you will use in your sessions with them, one-one-one consultation to discuss one or multiple cases, video observation of your session for assessment.

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